The CloudCooler Range

Plug and play fresh air coolers by EcoCooling


Data centre operators are under increasing pressure to reduce energy usage and in some cases, release power in their facilities. EcoCooling direct evaporative cooling and ventilation solutions can reduce cooling costs by up to 90% when compared to traditional refrigeration.

The CloudCooler® Range builds on EcoCooling’s 15 years' experience to achieve unparalleled free cooling efficiency. The plug and play units are designed for rapid deployment and are widely considered to be one of the lowest 'total cost of ownership' solutions on the market.  The option to combine ventilation (free cooling), evaporative (adiabatic) cooling and humidification provides operators with simple cooling solutions that are easy to install, maintain and operate. 

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Cryptocurrency Mining

The EcoCooling CloudCooling Range provides very low TCO (total cost of ownership) cooling solutions for mining farms. The simple design and controls make rapid deployment feasible wordwide.

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Cloud and Colocation Data Centres

A CloudCooler fresh air cooling system can reduce data centre cooling costs by up to 90%, comply with ASHRAE 9.9 and produce a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of under 1.1.

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Why CloudCooler? 

  • Reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Efficient Direct Fresh Air Technology

  • Supports Rapid Deployment

  • Remote Commissioning

  • Engineered for Scalability

  • Simple Plug & Play Design

  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

  • Ideal for HPC Applications

  • GPU/ASIC, AI, AR and VR 

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