CloudCoolers provide the lowest 'total cost of ownership' cooling solutions for GPU and ASIC mining farms.

The CloudCooler Range has been designed with simplicity in mind.  The plug and play modules rely entirely on fresh air to cool the miners, eliminating the complicated installation and maintenance requirements associated with refrigeration or liquid cooling alternatives. 

Additionally, remote commissioning and fault finding is used in most scenarios, considerably reducing the amount of site attendance required. The unique mixture of simple technology, design and control has led to many operators choosing the CloudCooler for their mining facilities across Northern Europe.

The CloudCooler HPC Data Container can be deployed at the edge of sites as a micro data centre dealing with low latency tasks for industry applications and on the outskirts of smart cities.

It is the perfect solution for 5G sites and can be connected to antenna/aerial equipment with remote monitoring. The eponymous "edge" refers to the geographic distribution of computing nodes which are at the "edge" of an enterprise, metropolitan or other network. This enables analytics and data gathering to occur at the source of the data instead of relying on the cloud at one of a dozen data centers to do all the work.

Our solutions cool and house the latest in HPC equipment as well as supporting lower data density Edge Servers through the patented universal rack design of our HPC Data Container.

CloudCoolers allow organisations to promote their green credentials while reducing operating costs.

The use of electricity in the cloud and colocation sectors has both financial and environmental significance. Many data centres consume as much electricity in their cooling systems as in their servers, which has both cost and power availability implications.  

CloudCoolers significantly reduce your cooling operating costs and electricity use by up to 90% while also achieving ASHRAE compliancy.  Fresh air technology is at the forefront of data centre design and the modular CloudCooler range allows facilities of all sizes to take advantage of the savings that fresh air cooling brings.

The CloudCooler Range is now installed in over 600 telecommunications facilities across the UK.

The nature of telephone exchanges is that they are often in the middle of busy towns or in none ideal buildings. One of the main reasons our internal range was developed was to eliminate the need for external plant and to have a single box approach to cooling, control and filtration which could be simple to install and maintain.

The same fresh air-cooling principles can be applied to both legacy equipment and the latest technology to facilitate new infrastructures such as nationwide 5G rollouts. Old facilities can easily be retrofitted with additional cooling capacity to supply the correct airflows for the new equipment.  This is ideal for end users looking to future proof their facilities.