3 CLOUDCooler Group

250kW integrated cooling, rack and power distribution solution

The 3 CloudCooler® Group has been designed for rapid deployment, Plug & Play modular mining. A game-changing 250kW module including cooling, containment, racks and power distribution that can be installed by 2 people in less than 2 hours!

Created in response to demand from the cryptocurrency mining sector, the 3 CloudCooler Group's extreme cooling power and efficiency mean it can be employed across a wide range of HPC (high performance computing) applications with minimal maintenance requirements and ease of operation.



  • ASIC, GPU and HPC equipment

  • Cryptocurrency, AI, HPC, IoT, AR

  • Up to 75kW density per rack

Design Principles

  • Plug & Play 250kW modules (or 144 ASICs)

  • 3 x ECV18000 fresh air coolers

  • 3 x 160A 3~ Power splitters

  • 18 x 32A 3~ PDU to typically support 144 ASIC miners

  • Under 2 hrs assembly time (see video below)

  • Integrated cooling, custom rack and power distribution

  • Temperature control and filtration


  • Rapid deployment

  • Simple installation and maintenance requirements

  • Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Maximum equipment reliability


Only interested in cooling?  The ECV18000 CloudCoolers are avaliable to purchase as a stand alone unit. 

Looking at supplementary cooling? Evaporative cooling is a cost effective alternative to refrigeration. The Large EcoCooling WetBox can be easily installed externally to the 3 CloudCooler Group, providing compliant temperature conditions in hotter climates.

Not sure about your requirements?  Our team of application engineers can provide analysis for your location to advise on the right equipment for your supply temperature requirements.  Contact us at sales@ecocooling.co.uk

Assembly and Install Timelapse Video

Timelapse video showing the entire install process of the 3 Cooler Group. Live timer shows it can be achieved in less than 2 hours with just a forklift and two people.

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