ECT CloudCooler 

Adiabatic Cooling and Humidifcation

The ECT range of CloudCoolers is ideal for climates where there is occasional hot, dry weather such as Europe.  The units incorporate EU4 filtration, evaporative cooling, integral EC fans and humidification loops which supplement the free cooling. The ECT 10800 CloudCooler unit provides an impressive 10,800 m3/h of filtered air to cool high density HPC equipment.

Key features include:

  • Direct free cooling

  • Supplementary direct evaporative cooling

  • Humidification option

  • Inbuilt CREC® control system

  • Electronically Commutated fan

  • In built EU4 filtration (supply and recirculation)

  • Remote commissioning

What is direct free cooling? Direct free cooling uses outside air to cool spaces.  In Northern Europe the ambient temperature rarely exceeds 20C, therefore cold external air can be used to cool the facility the majority of the time rather than refrigeration.  The unit automatically mixes cold, filtered, external air with hot recirculated air to deliver air at a setpoint temperature.

What happens when it is cold? In some climates very cold weather is accompanied by very low humidity.  During these periods the humidification loop in the ECT unit is automatically enabled to increase humidy to avoid issues which may arise fro static build up.

What happens when it is hot?  In some climates high temperatures mean free cooling cannot be used in the summer, supplementary cooling is required. During these periods evaporative cooling is automatically enabled to reduce the temperature of the air entering the facilty. Evaporative cooling is an efficient alternative to air conditioning.  It uses the natural process of evaporative to reduce air temperature without compressors, refrigerants or any external plant.  In Northern Europe evaporative cooling can provide temperatures below 25C all year round and achieve 99.9% ASHRAE Class 1 compliancy.

ECT 10800 CloudCoolers down corridor at Hydro66 data centre

ECT 10800 CloudCoolers - Hydro66 Colocation Data Centre, Sweden

Not sure about your requirements?  Our team of application engineers can provide analysis for your location to advise on the right equipment for your supply temperature requirements.  Contact us at