The CloudCooler Range is now installed in over 600 telecommunications facilities across the UK

Airflow Management – Keeping your kit the right type of cool

The majority of telecoms equipment has a very low ∆T when compared to traditional CPUs. This means that more air is required to cool the same volume of IT equipment.  In addition to this, the majority of tradiitional exchanges are laid out without containment, resulting in the mixing of cold and hot air which can put additional strain on the cooling system’s electricity usage.  

While traditionally cooled with fresh air and refrigeration, EcoCooling’s ECT CloudCooler is ideal for these facilities, eliminating the need for refrigerant based cooling and providing air below 25C all year round using adiabatic cooling instead.

While the ECT units utilise direct air free cooling for the majority of the time, as the temperatures in the UK and Northern Europe are mainly cold, the inbuilt adiabatic cooling provides the majority of the savings. Adiabatic cooling provides supplementary cooling on the hottest days by using a completely natural evaporative process, meaning the amount of additional energy required for cooling is minimal.  This can reduce cooling costs by up to 90% and has resulted in ROIs of less than 18 months, when compared to FADX units (fresh air direct expansion) for some of our largest clients. 

Flexible products

The nature of telephone exchanges is that they are often in the middle of busy towns or in sub-optimal buildings. One of the main reasons our internal range was developed was to eliminate the need for an external plant and to have a single box approach to cooling, control and filtration. Our clients have found this simple to install and maintain.

The ECT CloudCooler range is made up of two models. The ECT 10800 and ECT 5400.  The ECT 10800 has a variety of configurations to ensure that air is delivered in the correct way to the equipment.  The ECT 5400 is designed for smaller rooms where access is trickier; it has been designed to fit through a single door.

Telecoms tower with dishes above telco cooling by EcoCooling
Adiabatic cooling can reduce cooling costs by up to 90% and has resulted in ROIs of less than 18 months, when compared to FADX units (fresh air direct expansion) for some of our largest clients.

The 5G revolution – new equipment – same fresh air principles

While the majority of the cooling we have supplied for Telecommunications has been for older equipment in legacy facilities, we are seeing increased interest in new technologies which can facilitate new infrastructure, such as 5G.  While many people may not know much about 5G, it has been announced that the technology is being rolled out for the first time in some of the UKs largest cities, paving the way for a UK wide 5G network.  

The same fresh air cooling principles can be applied to this new equipment. While old facilities can easily be retrofitted with additional cooling capacity to supply the correct airflows for the new equipment. This is ideal for end users looking to future proof their facilities. Some simple rearranging of the racks and aisles means more powerful kit can be cooled by the same equipment. While updating legacy exchanges may be of interest to some, rapid deployment of infrastrcutre across the UK is also being discussed. Our CloudCooler Data Container has been designed with this in mind. Making up a full and flexible range of Plug & Play solutions for HPC equipment designed to support the new digital age.

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