The CloudCooler product Range

Data centre operators are under increasing pressure to reduce energy usage and in some cases, release power in their facilities. EcoCooling direct evaporative cooling and ventilation solutions can reduce cooling costs by up to 90% when compared to traditional refrigeration.

The CloudCooler® Range builds on EcoCooling’s 15 years' experience to achieve unparalleled free cooling efficiency. The plug and play units are designed for rapid deployment and are widely considered to be one of the lowest 'total cost of ownership' solutions on the market.  The option to combine ventilation (free cooling), evaporative (adiabatic) cooling and humidification provides operators with simple cooling solutions that are easy to install, maintain and operate. 

With the ability to withstand cold climates, the CloudCooler® products are an exciting and innovative cooling system for the many emerging and established data centres looking to capitalise on the green energy available in the Nordics.

The CloudCooler® units provide a constant supply of filtered air at controlled temperatures.  Filtration plus the avoidance temperature fluctuations maximise the reliability of the miners and other IT equipment.  Utilising these key areas provide the perfect platform for maintaining the maximum availability of mining power.

The CloudCooler® range is made up of ECT Adiabatic (evaporative) coolers and ECV FreeCooling units.


Internal Adiabatic Range (ECT): Compact and Flexible Solutions – The ECT range of coolers are designed to be installed internally. Multiple configuration options allow for air to be supplied either directly, through ductwork or raised floors.

  • Single box unit including the control system, supply fan, cooling system and dampers.

  • For complete peace of mind, a sophisticated leak detection and alarm system have been incorporated into all of our internal products.

  • Humidification: ECT units can be fitted with a humidification option to avoid low relative humidity non-compliance.

Internal FreeCooling Range (ECV): ECV units are designed to be installed internally. They comprise of fresh air free cooling systems with inbuilt filtration, dampers and controls, without the evaporative cooling element.

  • Free Cooling units can be used with backup AC

  • Uses the same EcoCooling CREC controller as standard CREC systems

  • Energy efficient inbuilt EC fans

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Bolt on cooling modules available

The Nordic Grade range is made up of models specified to withstand and exploit cold external temperatures.

The 3 CloudCooler® Group for rapid Plug & Play modular mining using FreeCooling technology.

A game-changing 250kW ECV module including cooling, containment, racks and power distribution that can be installed by 2 people in less than 2 hours!

Not sure about your requirements?  Our team of application engineers can provide analysis for your location to advise on the right equipment for your supply temperature requirements.  Contact us at