Flexible, transportable housing for the latest in ‘High Performance Computing’ equipment - ready for the edge

HPC Data Container CloudCooler for Edge computing and HPC portable data centre micro data centre shipping container

low cost EQUIPMENT housing WITH CLASS LEADING REFINED AIRFLOW DYNAMICS and filtration TO PROTECT YOUR data and hpc equipment. redeployable and ready for the edge.

Core patented technologies - 10 years in refinement - have led us to the most forward-thinking HPC equipment housing and cooling concept on the market.

It provides a low total cost transportable solution for the low latency infrastructure critical to edge computing


Supporting the growth of Edge Computing

The HPC Data Container is a flexible, transportable housing solution for the latest in HPC (high performance computing) equipment as well as lower density server equipment ideal for Edge Computing. The container has been designed with rapid deployment strategies in mind and is easily stacked to enable quick scale ups.  It provides a low total cost of ownership solution for the low latency infrastructure critical to edge computing, which is being driven by digital innovations such as driverless cars, gaming, and 5G.

The container uses low energy direct fresh air cooling supported by a system of EC fans, EU4 filtration and CREC air mixing. This provides consistent temperatures to equipment which reduces failures. The filtration reduces contaminants harming the servers while the direct air cooling provides an efficient, green alternative to refrigerant based systems.

Such techniques have been refined over the last 10 years working with innovative clients such as BT, Hydro66, Talk Talk and ETIX Blockchain.  With end users developing pioneering strategies in an ever-smaller world, the integrity of the container is not affected by the IT modifications, meaning it retains its ISO shipping credentials. Data processing can be physically moved to different countries/regions, where it is cheaper, closer or safer.

Extensive testing has led to a patented racking system that can be redesigned and redeployed - future proofing for changes in server technology. Bespoke design doesn’t stop there. EcoCooling offer a number of options which can be specified by the client such as absolute RAL colour matching and logo application.


  • 12ft ISO certified tunnel shipping container

  • Plug & Play solution including power distribution and network switches

  • Nominal airflow = 15m3/s = around 250kW of cooling at a ∆T = 12.5°C

  • Direct fresh air-cooling system with optional partial or complete adiabatic cooling

  • EU4 supply filtration

  • Typical deployment 162 x 1.4kW ASICs

    • 230kW

  • Typical cost $200,000/MW 

    • Not including external power distribution and transformer


Modular design principles open up a world of assembly configurations for your site

The containers are ISO standard and have the structural strength to be stacked. Identically sized 20ft tunnel containers can be used to create power, networking, access/security, storage, admin blocks etc to be integrated into this structure.

The container solution allows the operator to scale up as and when is required.  The power draw is designed to fit with standard 250kW module transformers to ensure no resource is wasted. 

Contact us about the efficient, low TCO, decentralised hyper scale data centre concepts that are in currently in development.

HPC Data Container CloudCooler by EcoCooling. Micro data Centre for Edge Computing and 5G applications.
HPC Data Container CloudCooler racking micro data centre for Edge computing and 5G applications.

3 HIGH PERFORMANCE FANS IN CUSTOM ENCLOSURES, EU4 air Filtration and STORM protected louvers

Years of working closely with leading data clients such as BT, Etix Blockchain and Hydro66 have enabled us to design true airflow management that our competitors in this sector can’t match. The container uses low energy direct fresh air cooling supported by a system of EC fans, EU4 filtration and CREC air mixing techniques. 

The mixing of the air provides consistent temperatures to equipment which reduces failures, the filtration reduces contaminants entering the environment and harming the servers while the direct air cooling provides a green alternative to refrigerant based cooling systems.  

HPC data container ASICS miners.jpg


PATENTED UNIVERSAl Installation and custom racks FOR your GPU, FPGA AND ASIC UNITS

Patented simple server installation system. Provides true hot aisle containment and an even distribution of air. The universal racks can easily accommodate alternative configurations of GPU, ASIC and FPGA units. These can be manufactured and deployed/redeployed to accommodate bespoke hardware dimensions, thus making the containment future-proofed against developments in server technologies and new applications.


Fitting in with the neighbours

While containerised systems seem like an obvious answer to the rapidly increasing demand for edge and HPC processing power, it should be recognised that they could be considered an eyesore if not installed subtly.  EcoCooling offer a number of noise reduction and camouflaging options for equipment which can be specified by the client. Containers can be specified to any colour from the RAL colour system for absolute colour matching and logos can be applied if desired.


Rapid Deployment

Plug & Play simplicity at user end. Arrives tested and commissioned.

Proven manufacturing capacity: EcoCooling is currently producing over 5MW worth of cooling equipment per week.

Trusted cooling supplier to clients such as BT, Hydro66 and Etix Blockchain. 

Lowest Cost Solution

Low capital cost thanks to large buying power and established supplier framework. 

Low cost of ownership - 2p kWhr over 2 years.

Low operational costs through simplicity of design, easy installation, direct air cooling plus remote monitoring and commissioning. 

Future proof - Patented universal rack channels accommodate a wide variety of servers.

High Reliability

Core, patented technologies developed over 10 years of cooling for data centres worldwide.

Tested on-site at our UK manufacturing facility with direct input from our R&D team at every stage of design, manufacture and testing.

Attemperated air and inbuilt filtration increases performance and lifetime of equipment.