Boden Type Data Center One Update: Power Connected

The Boden Type DC ONE solution: the most energy and cost efficient data centre prototype in the world.

The project, funded by EU’s innovation and research programme Horizon 2020, kicked-off in October 2017. The prototype facility will accomodate 500 kW of IT load and an innovative, holistic design approach for data centres surrounding services.

The Boden Type DC ONE solution offers sustainable data centre building, which is energy and resource efficient throughout its lifecycle, cheaper to build and operate and brings jobs and knowledge to remote places.

The aim of Boden Type DC ONE is to integrate adiabatic fresh air air cooling, modular building design, clean and high quality electricity supplied by renewable energy source, ideal climate and service infrastructure. 

Construction of the facility’s electrical connection has been completed – a few more days to go and BODENS ENERGI AB (with the help of local subcontractors) will energize the data center – thus bringing the prototype of BodenTypeDC to life. 

Other construction works are running in parallel: a local building partner is painting the suspended ceiling, the Swedish consortium member RISE SICS North is installing optical cables, a Finnish subcontractor is producing the air intake louvres. 

In the meantime English consortium member EcoCooling have dispatched cooling machinery for the data center from their CloudCooler range, including ECV18000 freecoolers and ECT10800 evaporative coolers. The shipment will travel via truck-ship-train-truck.

More locally, RISE SICS North will soon deliver the servers from the neighbouring town of Lulea for research support. Everything is on track to finish the prototype on time (before the end of November) so that energy efficiency testing can start during the winter. This gives a full year for test activities to reach ambitious project aims regarding energy- and cost efficiency in DC construction and operation.

 5 november 2018